Daddy’s Little Girl

Here he comes again
Cigarette butts against my thigh to mark the end of the day.
Crashing beer bottles is what I’ve been hearing the entire day.
I hope the alms I receive from the street
can feed our hungry souls even just for today.
I’m trying to be a good girl
My loving dad can be proud to have.
But since my mother died
All I can be is a good punching bag.
I pity my dad, actually
No one else looks after him but me
No relative supports him.
No company hires him.
Everyday he rages in fury
Helplessness loneliness and self-pity
The outlet of his anger is no one else but me
The bruises in my stomach can show the compassion
Proving the unity and closeness in our relation
Words are unspoken
Wounds are ignored
How much more attention can a daddy’s girl ask for?

-haha:) i wrote this for some creative writing contest in school. and i love it. harhar. whatcha think?-


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