be careful, please.

as ur bestfriend, i just dont want to see u get hurt.
that’s the only thing i dont want to happen although i know it is impossible, considering how much u care about her.

so, if ull get hurt if u dont get her, go on, fight till the last second and ill help u do everything u can to get her back.
but, if u get hurt when u are starting to look like a stupid fool, please stop.

just believe what u want to believe.
i know ur smart enough to choose the path to take.
but in case u lose it, make sure im around to bring u back.
in case u breakdown and u cant take me anymore, call me and im sure ill be around.

this time around ,im scared not coz im still hoping for u to like me back.
this time around, im really afraid that u’d end up being hurt.
im really scared that ur giving things up for someone who doesnt deserve it.
im scared that u might end up with someone who doesnt deserve you.
im really scared that if u guys end up together, ill be a no one in ur life again.

but. ive decided that it doesnt matter
coz ur my bestfriend.
and, in the end, all i want is for you to be happy.


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