choose anyone. just dont choose to forget me.

i think im really mean, possesive, and selfish. im glad she doesnt go out with you anymore. i know it wont last long but the fact that ur comfortable with only the 2 of us going out means a lot to me. but, now, ur telling me u like this new girl. should i be scared that she’s gonna steal my bestfriend away from me such that you’ll be too busy to hang with me again? should i be scared that i wont have any right on you at all? should i be jealous coz once again someone’s better than me. or for once, should i trust u that this time around, ur gonna prove to me that you aint forsaking our friendship in the name of your new relationship? coz. honestly, i know that this is as far as i can go and aint letting go of what little possession i have of you.
but, i want you to know. i really appreciate you telling me all your personal stuffs and shit. coz it shows that u trust me and our friendship aint superficial at all. and it proves that a guy and a girl dont have to have something between them to be soo close. sigh. all this actually makes me believe that our friendship will Last longer than i thought. even if ur still such a jerk! haha:)

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