cant compare myself to you —

u knoe why i always go out?
coz, sometimes, i need to knoe that i have my own world apart from urs. you have seen to be  dominating my world. ur bubbly, charming, funny, pretty cool… and, sometimes i feel like im hiding behind ur shadow [and, that’s not just because ur taller than me] i feel like ur so good. everyone in school and the hostel likes u. ur the liked one, the funny one, the lame one, the smart one. the one who makes the decisons. the model person. u can attract and hang with guys without seeming like a bimbo or a flirt. how is that?! okay fine. ur not that bad. i pretty much like u as a good friend myself. sometimes, i try to support u and be happy for ur achievements but sometimes i just feel bad about myself. all the guys like u. dont they like me too?… why not? am i that bad? well, sometimes, i just need to be away from u coz i cant stay in ur shadow all the time. i cant breathe. and, with my own set of friends, i feel signicant and important. lame enough.

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