ask me who got into council!!!

ask me again..
person: who got into student council?
yza: me!
haha:) im a counciL eLect!! yahoo 🙂
i have to set my priorities straight and right.
must learn how to manage time.
balance cca and academics.
i have to at Least pass my midyears.
should i quit judo?
how about NYAA?
how about going back to the philippines…?
okay, i’ve decided that im not going back to the philippines.
maybe ill go to malaysia or sentosa.. but not the philippines.
coz, its more practical. more realistic. more appropriate.
eventhough i miss my sisters soooo much… well, my dad hasnt seen them for yearzzz as well, therefor, i have no right to ask him for smth even HE cant have. moreover, i have soo many things to do, i have midyears after that, i have leadership training camp, elcets camp, famine camp, i just went back to ph less than a month ago, i have no money, i have bad grades hence i have no right, things at home are still in a mess, my relatives will buzz about me spending more money than i should again, i have no money and, well, that’s the more responsible hing to do.
as u can see,
i have decided but i am still trying to convince myself.
i have won the student council election.
i am not going back to the philippines this june hoLs.
well, i gues, u cant win ’em all.
something’s gotta give…

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