maybe i just suck at time management

i called my sister just now during break.
why? coz, i just suddenly feel like doing so… awwwww.. hahahaha:)

before my grandfather passed away last month, i’ve always wanted to call him.
but i always told myself. "oh next time. after this, after the test. during off-peak time. after that…" until it became too late…………
so, when, i felt like i miss my sisters just now. i just called them. haha:)
so sweet. yet, that’s the way it should be ryt?

now, im thinking really hard whether i should or should not go back to the philippines during june holidays.

well, for the past few days, i was also thinking that i havent been hanging out much with nmy friends anymore.
Like in the hostel, i wont go down to chitchat anymore or like i dont talk on the phOne much anymore.
u know what my reason is?
coz im always thinking, "oh. i have a lot of work to do."
okay lah. i dont actually get around to doing my school work [especially now that i have my broadband] but i guez not talking on the phone or smsing or hanging make me feel less guilty. but then, i realised that im also losing touch of my friends and that’ not good coz after A’s it’s not like im gonna marry my notes. its not like my notes will say my eulogy during my funeral.. on the other hand, id still want my friends to be my friends…… and, i hate the feeeling whn i havent talked to someone for a long time and when we see each other again, we dont have anything to talk about coz u’c lost touch.

so, yah..

is it a waste of time of u decide to go to ur friends room or to the lounge to chitchat?
is it punishable if i decide to call my friend to ask them how the have been doing?
what’s the opportunity cost anyway? — my test scores? my phone bill? my time? in exchange of ionically-bonded friendship??
LoL. that’s all.


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