it was a nice walk.

i didnt go for judo today <<yep, im in judo!!>>
i was supposed to study and all but i realised that whether i go for my stuffs or not doesnt matter. its up to me.. coz,even ifi just stayed at home, my productivity is nothing. zero input. zero output. i suck Like crazy ok?! arggh! i hate myself..
then, i went to novena square with my girlfriends in home clothes to buy some stuffs.. say some people and sam was sooo embarassed. it was so hilarious. i was even wearing cj shirt and short… shucks!
but, the trip was soo fun.. we just walked to and fro… passed by nice houses.. how i wish i get a house smth like what i see around chancery one day… i wish i wish….
i also wish ill get at least silver for my napfta… i ran 2.4 this morning and it was only 14:59.. i did 13:30 last year ok?!! im soo disappointed at myself… and until now, i still  cant jump for nuts…. arggh!!
–watching spiderman3 tmr.
–chemistry CA
–physics CA
–econs homework
–napfta 5 items
–napfta 2.4 run
–announcement of student council results
–deciding whether i should go back during the holidays

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