im running for council

made in the philippines
maid in singapore
here to serve you
vote rheyza for student council

One thought on “im running for council

  1. okay. no one commented on my blog about my campaign line…
    but, i know, its so DEROGATORY.
    a lot of my friends ask why i call myslef a maid and why am i insulting the filipinos.
    well, i believe that this thing is already becoming a part of our culture.
    what\’s so bad about being a maid?
    at least we dont steal money or become terrorist or sell our flesh.
    it is a decent job to receive hard-earned money.
    there\’s nothing to be ashamed of.
    what\’s to be ashamed of if ur getting money in a decent way to feed ur family and a roof over their head?
                             earning decent money through hard-labour by these maids is more commendable and respectable than
                             the dirty money corrupted politicians of my country earn!!!!
    i bet if u ask maids or domestic helpers, they\’ll be proud of their legacy.
    they show htat filipinos are good caring people who can be responsible, trusted, and cook good food.
    a lot of singaporeans are brought up by filipino maids and the
    what\’s wrong with that?
    u know what?
    actually, when i first thought of this line, i simply liked it because it was catchy, meaningful and unique..
    i like the pun coz it is funny and true at the same time..
    and, i was willing to take the risk.
    if it gets me into council, it means it\’s worth it…
    and, well, it is 🙂

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