im coming out!! :) :) :)

My birthday is coming.
Yes, my 18th birthday
Most of my friends in the Philippines who are turning 18 this year are having a grand coming out party – A dance. A ball. A debut to celebrate their legal age – with their family, relatives, best friends, special friends. We’ve finally survived 18 years of being human inside this complicated world.
But me? >shrug< I’m currently here in Singapore—not expecting anything.
-coz I want to celebrate it with my dad and it’s impossible.
-coz my true blood-related family aint here.
-coz im flat broke. Bankrupt. No money. No dough.
-coz I don’t have any special someone to celebrate with. </3
-coz I don’t want to celebrate my 18th birthday with people who don’t genuinely/sincerely care.
-coz I don’t want to celebrate with people im not comfortable with.
-coz I don’t really want to celebrate with fake people to whom Im not really close to [who am I close to anyway?]
-coz I don’t know who to celebrate with.
-coz I don’t know where and how to celebrate. [especially with no budget]
-coz I don’t have the time.
-coz I don’t want to plan, to expect something, and to be disappointed.
-coz I’m having my visitor and I’m so emo…..
yes, im saying that i want to do this and that but actually, this things doesn’t matter coz I just want my dad.. my family… and its not about the things I do or get. Its whether or not I’ll enjoy it and get to tell my future grandchildren about it.
actually, Im not looking for anything in particular. I don’t want anything material. I don’t want people to try so hard to make it perfect coz that is soooo impossible.
I just want it to be, well, especially memorable…… ><
make me feel special. but make it sincere.
afterall, its MY birthday. not urs.

One thought on “im coming out!! :) :) :)

  1. aww,,DUDE!! happy birthday!! 🙂 im sorry. i don\’t have your number kasi, kanina i woke up, tpos pag check ko sa fone ko, wala akong singapore number mo. ass noh?anyway.. im sorry we\’re not there with you, today is supposed to be special. kung pwede lang (if we had cash) ppunta kami jan eh!!! (nyak.asa) hahah kaya lang we\’re bankrupt too.lalo na ako.anyway. i know you think today will probably suck for you. and if you keep on thinking that, it WILL happen. so don\’t. isipin mo nlang, 18 ka na! pwede ka na uminon, pwede ka na gumimik! and pwede ka na MABUNTIS! oh diba coolie? so the first thing you have to do, is magpabuntis! wahahahahha. just kidding. anyway, ayun. i was planning for a surprise for you, kaya lang i\’ve been really really busy lately. so di ko din nagawa 😦 anyway, i\’m in class right now. so i\’ll make this quick nalang.kasi comp subject, so mejo weird na ang ingay ko type ako ng type tpos blockmates ko click ng click.hahahah ^_^ anyway, ayun. congratulations. you are now 18. you are now allowed to watch r-18 movies or porn(officially). hehe JOKE lang. alam ko naman dati ka pa nannuod.hahaha. JOKE lang ulit. starting now, life will probably be a lot harder (or easier. but its safe to be pessimistic. <kelan pa??> ^_^ ) so you just have to be a lot stronger. I know it\’s lonely there sometimes, pero isipin mo, you\’ve been there for how long na ba? ang dami mo na napagdaanan diba? and kaya mo naman eh. (~..keep hoooolding o~on..) yak so baduy shit. hahaha. hindi ko alam kung anu na balak mo kung jan ka na ba magaaral or what, pero sabihin mo lang pag babalik ka na so we can prepare for it ok?diba? gagawa dapat tayo ng list na icchismis?hheheheh un box thingie?stil remember? sa starbx ata natin pnagusapan un. un lang paparemember ko. baka maiyak ka ulit pag sumobra. anyway. tinitingnan nako ng prof. so i have to go. try ko icontinue later ok? LOVE you rheyza! take care of yourself ok?:) if you\’re bored. make a list of the things you want to do or can do now that you\’re 18 yrs old. might be fun ^_^ and just in case you\’re wondering, dito ako naggreet kasi alam kong eto lang tlg chnchek mo most of the time. missya! mWAH! =* –french friesSsSsZzzzzZ

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