its already feb, dude!

this week:
>>i have sc deadLines to meet…
>>cross-country.. waah.
>>PE!! again?
>>maths and physics test…
>>no rest..
>>is O LeveL resuLts coming out soon too![hope it comes out soon. i cant wait anymooooreee!!]
>>6more days to go. i wonder how many hours of rest that gives me….

oh. vaLentines day and chinese new year are coming.. i wonder how they’r gonna be… i odnt want to expect anything.. that’s what i know… haha:) i Learn from experience u see….

oh. guyS!!! buy fLowers from interact cLub. pLace ur orders this week (to me) and we can deLiver them for u.. pLus its for a good cause!!!

oh another one. on vaLentines day, dOnate bLood! its at cjc’s audi ex by sc…

oh. on that same day is friendship day.. it’s "tag-a-friend" time!! pass me a message by cLipping it on my back! haha:)

Last but definiteLy not the Least is cjc’s ROCKAFELLA!! it wiLL be on 9th March. teLL me if u wanna come. ticket saLes on feb21! it rocks!!!

that’s aLL i guez…

oh. my birthday tOo!!!!!! my 18th birthday okay. it shouLd be very speciaL! haha 🙂 🙂 🙂

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