my dear mentor

i cant beLieve someone can just Leave us Like that…
im reaLLy sorry if i cant go for the wake but i have a thing with saying goodbye’s too– i dont know how to..
but i just hope that uL stay strong juz Like how iv aLways known u.
i dont know how it feeLs Like to Lose someone u Love but i know that uL soon be fine.
cry it out. shout. be depressed and burst out aLL the anger in the deep recesses of ur souL.
but dont forget to come back as we will be waiting-always will be-for the person who mean a Lot to us.
im reaLLy reaLLy sorry to hear to terribLy sad story
but stay strong coz i know that’s how he wants you to be.

take care.
@->– @->– @->–
@->– @->–


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