schooL’s week5

what’s up guys?
i wonder when i Last updated my bLog coz i dont remember anything i want to post…
oh, i know!
Last Saturday, i woke up reaLLy earLyfor my SAT test. not that bad Lah. or maybe it was but i am just so stupid to reaLise my mistakes… haha:) the maths part was quite easy. the essay asked whether it is better to change one’s opinion or circumstance (or smth Like that). the engLish part was quite tough. the words were very deep and sophisticated. good thing it was muLitpLe choice. hence, i was abLe to mini-mini-miny-moe aLL the way. haha:) i was sitting inside VJ’s super freezing coLd haLL for 6hours okay?! not funny! ><
Last sunday, i went out with oP.  we ate ate adam road hawker centre. the food was not that bad but there were a Lot of indians (too many) haha:) then, we crossed the road to serene centre’ mcdonaLds coz she needed to register for the science research programme… then, we just chat chat chat and chat around. our "morning debrief." haha:) it was reaLY fun. i missed her aLot.
then, my mom came to the hosteL. she was Late. as usuaL. Lucky her, i was in a good mood. i was boouncing around, obviousLy excited to show her my cooL new home!!! then, i introduces her to my friends and auntie apriL. not bad eh!? everyone said we were very aLike. "ur mom is so funky!" "ur juz Like ur mom!!!" im Like "NOOO!!!" haha:)
then, i think, inspite of having tons of hmwk. i was taLking to my maLaysian friend for 2hours+.. haha:) my roomate said i taLk on the phone as if there’s no tmr. >shrug< well, what can i do? it’s my bestfriend. i onLy taLk ont he phone for a very Long time with good friends. 🙂
monday. oh it was yesterday. weLL, i got into the student counciL’s internship programme. im not an officiaL counciLLOr yet but im among th50 peopLe they chose out of 200?? Lucky me. i was so happy i had a siLLy smiLe on my face yesterday. then, i was bouncing around and sms-ing my other friends. haha:)
damn! taLking about aLL these things make me reaLLY stressed. i stiLL have maths and chem test on friday…. im sooooooo tired! and today is onLY tuesday, mind you. i have my aLLowance but i have no chance to use them. (i guess that’s supposed to be great..) hosteL games coming this weekend… gooooo, CJ! 🙂 🙂 🙂
oh! can someone pLease teLL me when O’ LeveL resuLts are coming out… nO. i dont want to knnow what i get. im soo scared ok?! but, i just want to make and fix my pLans asap. aLot of peoPle are gonna come back here u see?!

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