note to seLf: Learn not to procrastinate

today is tuesday. just the second day of the week.
im currentLy in our schooL Library’s IT room, waiting for 4pm – i have 2 hours free before my PE cLass for today commences.i havent reached the hump of the week yet.. wednesday is tmr…
it is not even a month since school started…
but im sooo frustrated, stressed and tired aLready.
i am stiLL CCA-Less [aLL the cca’s i’ve tried so far either rejected me or simpLy doesnt suit me.]
i have the SAT test on saturday and i havent revised.. [damn!]
i have read my notes nor did my tutoriaLs.
i sometimes feeL that the peopLe in my cLass doesnt Like me…. [nice! ><]
we have PE twice a week at cj.
      monday-didnt go for track[papa doesnt think its a good idea].
      tuesday-gp diagnostic test. PE.
      wednesday-moe meeting. look for a cca. mom coming back.
      thursday-PE. maths test. student council internship program. legions of mary?
      friday-dance audition.
      saturday-SAT test. going out with kikays?
      aLL my free time – preapre for SAT .so much for procrastinating…!
my seLf-esteem is currentLy Low and i feeL Like a faiLure…
and its just the 4th week of schooL.
im Lost. im a faiLure. im simpLy not good enough… maybe i am – but stiLL not enough. haha:)
i wonder what’s more to come.
PS: weLcome back, rach!

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