be not superficial.

i have exactLy 14 days here in the philippines.
i’m going back to binondo tmr.
i’m accepted to CJC.. [CathoLic Junior College]
i’m gonna stay in CJC Hostel ….
i have one more derma appointment.  one eye check-up appointment.
i have girl bonding sessions.
i am organizing a christmas party. [please come]
i want to do a lot more things but the people i want to do it with are currently not available.

2 thoughts on “be not superficial.

  1. hi ate yza.. 🙂 shall try to visit you in CJC kng bored ka 😛 test out that 10minute jogging thing you said :Padvanced merry christmas! :D-candice

  2. Heyyyyyy! roommie!
    Congrats! You\’re going to CJC!
    Well, it\’s NJC.
    Quite unexpected I know..
    But one good thing: We\’ll be a little bit closer, geographically!
    See you soon!

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