i simply cant bring back what’s already gone…..

yes, i can come back.
but that’s just about it.
even if i put the same people in front of me,
things just won’t be the same.
the ambience is different.
the feeling is different.
the emotions are diffferent.
even if the people are the same,
it wont be the same as the things youve left behind,
like the memories you cherished,
nor the experiences you longed for….
even if u put that exact same person in front of me,
i cannot bring back the past.
its the thing ive left behind and cant bring back
as much as i want to.
its nobody’s fault.
i just feel so bad for losing some things that mean a lot to me.
and it hurts that things are beyond my control.
the past will always be in the past.
and, now, ive learned my lesson.
just the hard way.
-wrote this right here, right now-

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