u dont have a right!

hey u, are u invited? are u permitted to come and ruin our lives? she might have aLLowed u but not by us. definiteLy not by me. why do u have to come, huh? then, why do you aLso have to go? u know, if u reaLLy Like her, just say it. dont pLAy. dont fooL around. it’s getting oLd and irritating. yes it might be aLright for her but
having the right to do something doesnt mean doing it is right

there’s no need to make sure. ur just being seLfish. she is no second fiddle okay?
do not Love her because you need her. u onLy reaLLy need her if u Love her.
so,, Love her trueLy or beat it. i wont Let u hurt my girL friend.

even if u are my friend.

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