packing my sh!ts….. hate it!

i hate packing!!!
i hate packing. ugh!
i’m sooo tired aLready and my room stiLL Looks worse than the tsunami-hit areas i’ve seen on tv….
and the worse thing is, i have no rescue operations nor relief centres to heLp me out here…. sigh….
im so tired! and i wanna go out..
i dont want to stay in the hostel on my Last day.
but well, here i am, packing my stuffs. alone.
im the only one in my room. in my entire cluster. in the study room. on the entire floor even.
this sucks. i suck too…
im gonna stay overnight at changgi tonight..
got nothing better to do what?!
now, im just trying to finish my internet account in the OHIS.
it’s aLready quarter past three in the afternoon.
do u think i can still have time to go out? do u think someone can still go out with me?
i think i wont be able to go online for a long time when i go back to the philippines.
yah i knoe. it sucks,. dont tell me. i knoe. no more blogging.
how can i shout to the worLd how bored or how much i enjoy there????
sayonara baby!!

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