can u get it?

today, was a really looong day. i went out with some friends. had my aLone/reflection time. and was able to go for my prom.

actually, i didnt really want to go for my graduation night. i was even willing to watch any Lousy movie instead of that. i feLt that i was not gonna have the time of my Life there- which was supposed to happen. i feLt Like im gonna be an outcast and aLL. well, it was not as bad as i expected. still sucked but not much… well, i love takin photos so it pretty much compensated for my problem. haha:)
anyway, i wanted to taLk about my refLection today… i was in bus48 – my imaginary bus- listeing to some song. then, it hit me that everyone’s leaving. it is time for goodbye again. and, its really sad. it sucks. everyone’s Leaving. and since, im going home the Last. i can feeL the pain of people moving away. it was right when my friend said it hurts when ur aLready the one being Left behind. sigh. i somehow feeL Like time has passed by so fast. i havent even spend that much quaLity time with them. and i know. im gonna miss them a Lot Lot Lot.

but sometimes, i feeL Like. "do they feeL the same way?" my friendship with the people i know here reaLLy means a Lot to me… but i dont know if they feeL the same way. so, instead of making a fool of myseLf, i choose to bring shieLd up and hide what i really feel. my friends mean alot to me but i dont want to look like a sissy so i just dont say anything. afterall, any thing a person says flies from one person to another and is aLways subjected to hundreds of judgement.. i dont Like it.

yes, i know that people are still gonna try to keep in touch. but u know that it definitely wont be the sam.e somehow, u know, that we are just gonna drift apart. we will find out that the quality of friendship aint that strong. and its really sad that  u need to day goodbye to something u really wanna have but cant.



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