thinking out Loud.

for the past couple of days, ive been watching movies and tv programmes a lot..
then, today, im watching mtv‘s from youtube.
[waah. that’s a whole lot of things that i watch.]
anyway, thats not the point why im saying this.
i just realised that most of the thing that we watch
(specifically the
are stuffs that have people
kissing. making out. making love. having sex.
is that the right kind of influence adults throw in our way now?
hey! they’re the ones that direct and produce these fiLms!
these are (for me) bad infLuences to us.
perhaps, we may opt not to watch these.
but seriously, the options arent that much….
no wonder rates of
premaritaL sex. abortions. and teenage pregnancy. are
no wonder teens can be caught making out
in the toilet. along the staircase. everywhere.

nothing. just thinking out Loud.

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