First things first.

PRELIMS ARE OVER!! The amaths paper were hard. I think, iLL get at the most B3. shucks. But, the point is, after being stretched over a month, PRELIMS ARE FINALLY OVER!! woohOo!!

How did I ceLebrate? Well, I went to KbOx (at marina square) with yOohoO, kat, xiu Ling and sze ching and sang our Lungs out. Too bad, op didn’t come. After working our brains out, we aLso practiced our golden voices. Haha. It was really funny. We only paid for 2hours worth but, we stayed there for 3hours and 15minutes – until the actually asked us to leave. HahaJ

Btw, do u remember that the suntec area is heavily guarded due to the IMF meeting. Well, it really is. i’ve never seen so much police officers in Singapore before. [I didn’t even realize that they have that much-hahaJ] and, Ironically, I saw this much police in a mall! HahaJ Lucky for us, we saw the unending barricades. I felt like we were contaminated aliens and we couldn’t go outside, to the real world.. Today is the Last day, anyway.. Gosh. It is so grueling and inconvenient. No wonder there wasn’t much people at the place except for the finance vip’s. and a whole lot of people in school uniform, who, I think, just finished their exams, as well. J

And, the five of us, walk around the entire thing a lot of times, trying to find our way. At first, we wanted to take neoprints. So from marina square, we went to marina square to look for a neoprint place. But, much to our despair, there’s no neoprint place there. So, we decided to go to plaza singapura to take neoprints and buy takoyaki. But, we cannot find our way to the mrt even after we walked through the entire place, like, thrice?! Therefore, we just decided to grab some ice cream and go home. [btw, we still didn’t find the way to the mrt]

Later, i will go to Chinese gardens for the mid-autumn lantern festival. It is soo exciting. The activity is organized by the hostel [nice job, btw! –thumbs up!] and iLL be going with my friends from Oldham hall. Haha!! J

However, much to my disappointment, we have school again tomorrow. They have organized JC talks, career talks, and other post-exams activity for us. Sigh. I just wish I could relax and rest and cuddle inside the hostel for a day… well, im going out with my friends after school tmrw anyway. So, I guess the day wont be soo bad. At least, I hope so. J

Btw, im b-r-o-k-e. i only have 50 bucks left to last me until November. Great!! How can I celebrate the end of my prelims?? Well, I guess, that means, I need to study for o levels instead since im sure I will get terribly bad grades for prelims… great! So much for celebrating.


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