~…and the strong must Learn to be LoneLY~

-doctor stockmann’s line.
copied from "an enemy of the people," the last Line in my Literature book.

Today is Saturday. 15 september 2006 

Yep, a couple of days to go before the end of prelims!!

 Prelims is ending on Wednesday. Im already Listing down the things I want to do. Cant wait. I want to eat pizza, eat sushi, go to *escape, walk along east coast part [ecp], lie down on my bed, meet the kikayz, watch my series, fix my cyberspace life, update my blog pictures, sleep, and the list goes on and on and on. I’m going to Chinese gardens on Wednesday night to look at the lanterns for the mooncake festival! hmmm Saturday. Sunday. Monday. Tuesday. Wednesday. Its Coming soon. Woohoo!

 I met up with ahn today again. I think it is becoming a ritual that we meet up every Saturday morning. Coolness!! We’re planning to swim every Saturday morning. And, it’s the only time we can spend together coz we have different worlds and she has ben, her darling boyfriend. HahaJ today, we went to a medical centre to ask about the removal of tattoo. It doesn’t sound scary at all. Strange as it may seem. coz it would only take 2-3 minutes by laser but will completely go away only after a couple of months. But, my gosh!! The humongous amount of money she has to pay frightened us to death. 300 freaking bucks for each session! Now, where can we get that amount of money?! Bright ideas, anyone?

 i realized that I need to get A1 for my physics and amaths to salvage my scholarship. Damn it! How could I have been so complacent and making all the sensible realizations only now? Is it too Late? Im scared. I might not be able to go for JC during the first three months… what a disgrace!!! I gotta study and work hard. Grr… how can I get an a1 in such a short span of preparation time? It seems like wishing for the time to stop for a while. Simply impossible.

 Ben and ahn. What a sweet couple! And, as I walk around my beloved orchard, I  see a gazillion more lovebirds walking around. Damn! Why don’t I have someone to hold hands with? – I aLways ask myself as I stare at those inseparable lovebirds. And, then, I tried to think of all the guys in my life. Hmmmm..  a couple of interesting ones. A couple of guys whoa re fun to hang with but, they are just friends. but a guy I could completeLy trust my heart with? [gosh, what an EMO!] Let aLone a guy who can be a good, worthy boyfriend of mine. So, I persuade myself. Don’t be tempted and settle for someone Less worthy for you. One day, the destined one will come and he will be more than what you’re dreaming of….  and, that goes out for aLL of you, too. Blessed singleness^, girls! J



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