wednesday madness

i got no paper tomorrow, dude!
no school. no stress.
i had mah Lit paper today and i quite Liked it. too bad coz, as usual, i didnt have enough time. i Like Lit sooo much [im pLanning to take Lit for JC] and i still wanted to write more more more but i need more more more time….. huhu. mrs Low, im sorry if i wont get a good grade for Lit again. i swear i tried my best but there’s no time for me to write your "five solid explosive pages" sigh. i rest my case.
preLims is aLmost over. i have amaths and phYsics to go…. know what, i didnt even feeL that preLims were going on and now, its gonna be over without me even feeLing that herat-wrenching stress….  it think im gonna do reaLLy badLy. im Like Sooo SLack and compLacent… moreover, i reaLised that they wont change my JC anymore after the first three months. that’s another priveLedge schoLars DONT get to enjoy aside from not counting the CCA’s and such.. thus, if my preLim sucks and i end up in a sucky JC, im gonna stay there for the rest of my JC Life. huhu dont want!! how huh?! weLL, its my fauLt. thus, the consequences, i shaLL bear.. >sniff sniff<
oi, Singapore idOL agian tonight. i soo want Jasmine to get out tmrw. PauL is Already out so, SG idoL mhyt be quite boring witout the hair… but i aLso want hady to win. he’s quite good. [nothing compared to fiLipino singers, of course] but i think he’s the best choise… Jonathan Leong is aLso not bad. i Like he’s reaLy deep and manLy voice. wouLd you beLieve, our engLish HOD [head of deparment] actually went up onto the stage early this morning during assembLy to endorse Jonathan and ask us to vote for him. i aLso saw her on tv with my ex-Lit teacher. wow! she’s a reaL entu [enthusiastic], huh?! i hope ms iris Lets me watch the show Later since its during study time, afteraLL, there’s no papers tmr. 🙂
okei.. western food tonight. gtg! 🙂

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