just a LittLe bit more

when the world says "give up",
hope whispers "try one more time"

There’s Like a gaziLLion peopLe now who are going through their coughexamscough. a Lot. and, thanx to the ever-competetive singapore education system, we cannot breeze through it at all. each and everyone of the industrious pupils have to burn the midnight oil everynight even though they would very much prefer to burn the book itself instead. i am one of them. sigh. i dont feeL Like studying at aLL. knowing that i wouLdnt do weLL, either way. but then again, of all the juvenile population in singapore, i think im Like 1 out of the 99 percent of students who doesnt enter the examintaion hall -erm, hell- with confidence. we aLL think we’r not yet prepared. yet, there’s a whole lot of them who did very well. so, i think there is hope in all of us. eventhough you know you’r gonna fail, dont give up. [is my roomate reading this? nvrmind] just do ur part, and whatever the outcome is, at least we know that u did ur best. moreover, we are worth more than what’s written on a piece of paper [thanks, madam tee] afterall, the rest of singapore [the sec4 and j2, at least] are buried under the books too 🙂


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