asean dance 2006


So, that was it!

Asean dance was over Last night. Woohoo!!

For the record: I had my sec4 secondary asean dance Last night, 12th August 2006, at Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel from 7pm to 10pm.

 It was the same place as the JC asean dance but the secondary asean committee reoriented it such that there was a red carpet and a wooden dance floor. The performances were good. Really entertaining but the sound system was erm… lets just say it was a great turn down. The program could have been improved as well. We had slow dances first, the performances, then, the fast dance. I guess it would have been more memorable if it was wrapped up with a slow dance. it was a really tiring and enjoyable night.

Basically, I am a person who’s full of complaints. haha

Well, actually, It was really fun and exciting. I was having a really great time with my batch mates and other Filipinos. All of them really looked awesome in their outfits btw. –wink wink- for some reasons, I haven’t been able to spend much time with my Filipino friends yet I can say that last night was what you can call a real quality time. It was fun and invigorating. It helped me forget all my issues.

Yet again, there are a couple of people who I didn’t get a chance to mingle with. I was really disappointed for not being able to dance with some guys I know. As usual, they were too busy to be bothered. But, well, its fine. perhaps, I just expected them to dance with me coz we are friends and because I thought they will make my night memorable. But guess what?! it was memorable simply with what it was.. I was dancing most of the time anyway. And, u know what, the dances I had were so platonic and fun that I forgot about the jerks I know. haha I was able to see the really really cute and gorgeous scholar last night, anyway. But, damn! i think he has a gf. He was dancing with this girl the entire night. Geesh! What a waste of your handsomeness, dude!

Okei. The asean dance is over.

Its really the time to study for my prelims. Now, I’m getting stressed. Really really really stressed. Dude! My prelims is in like 11 days time and I am completely unprepared even for tomorrows lessons. Huhuhu L therefore, I am not to blog for the next couple of weeks, okei?…. J

okei. Im gonna hit the showers now. Grab something to munch. And hit the books for major mugging time. Tata! Let me be a nerd and antisocial. In other words, a complete loser. J


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