girL friends over boyfriends

Treasure friendships should be valued more than infatuations and such.


Friendships are forged over time and trust and it needs a lot of effort to be strong. Relationships are sometimes just run by irrational thoughts and emotions. And when u end up in the dumps, who do u run too? Ur friends right…? The friends who have no other agenda but to help u and make you feel happy and safe will always be there no matter what. Friends who would sacrifice everything and anything to make u feel better especially if the person who was supposedly not going to make u cry, hurt you a lot more than u can imagine. Don’t fight over guys as well because more often than not, they are not worth it. No offence. Yes, there are instances that u should. And u should. Life and love is like that. Yet, don’t totally forget you’re friends. Don’t worry, if they are friends, they ought to understand. Coz when all things fall apart, I bet they wont have any qualms of taking u back in with open arms.


Friends. The people you can aLways Lean on.


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