knOe what?

i hate jack-assEs. aSshoLes. thosE basTaRds who aRe so fReAkinG hoRnY thEy nEed to haVe somE sexuaL stufFs going on reGuLarLy. thEy neEd tO makE oUt. thEy nEed to fUck. tHey nEed to have seX. xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx.  stuPid dumbaSS fuckerS! gO to heLL. they’LL teLL yoU. i wanna have sex with yOu. yah, they wanna have seX, aLright. but not nessesariLy with yOu. any sEx for theM is SeX. they just wanna fuck. peRiod. it doEsnt mattEr if itS yOu.

so, girLs, be caRefuL. have it with peopLe who’s worTh iT..

aftER aLL, if he saYs that he ReaLLy Loves you, then, wheRE’s the nEed to

 maKe LovE?

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