woRLd cup!!

my body cLock is so screwed.
i have been watching soccer since i dunno when and Like i sleep at weird hours of the day for the past two weeks. for example, i only had 2-3 hours of sleep before school todae… sigh.. btw, thats why im skipping CCA! >erm<
i dont regret it.
watching soccer is really fun. i saw the good pLayers from one team and the goodLooking pLayers from the other. what a pity that all the good things has come to an end.. this morning was the grand finals!! itaLy won! woohoo.! it was a really great game. no one can foresee who’s gonna win. they even have to reach the penaLty shoot out to decide. well well well. at least it was ended with a bang. i meant the BANG from zidane’s head. haha!! it was ended with zidane’s headbanging scene! it was cool. for the viewers but what a really stupid thing to do especially on your Last game.. well, that’s the oLd and dying zidane for u guys! haha!!
omg. the next worLd cup that we can watch is 2years away. by that time,  i wont have the hosteL’s dining haLL plus projector to watch anymore. moreover, i wont have aLL my hosteL friends who teLL me how many hundreds and even thousands thay bet on the game….. awww…
weLL, after the match, i need to revert my priorities again. i have been tatally swayed away from my books forever….
my friend and i were talking during maths this mornning. she was counting the weeks before preLims and o’s.. and OH MY GOSH!! i desperateLy need to work… starting now..  otherwise, i might not be back in sg next year… what a scary thought… but dont worry, its just a thought. i just need to get myseLf back on the track and iLL be A-okay again,…. u might even expect an A1-okay.. hahaha dREAM on!

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