my rEasOns why i dont Like tO faLL foR guyS:

>> guys are gOod bOy friendS, bad boyfriends
>> they eat up ur time. when can u go girL-outing now?
>> u go crazy over them
>> hugging? hoLding hands? cheesy movies? kissing?….
i LovE it whEn itS theRe aS much as i hate it when its gonE
>> u smiLe Like a madman when he suddenLy pOps intO ur head
>> u cant think properLy around them
>> ever heard the song "fooLish heart" and "stupid Love"?
>> the mindGameS neveR end………
>> u Lose ur path and taKe that detOur that bringS you back to wheRe yOu started frOm.
>> one day, it justs ends and u dont even get a warnign sign or a notification letter.
>> ur priority List goEs haywirE
>> whatever happened to "Books BefoRe BoyS BecOz BoyS BrinG BabiEs"??….
>> do they reaLLy appreciate what yOu do?
>> and one day, he’LL just disappeaR. >poof<
did he becOme a KoKo KrUnCh?
>> boyfriends are for girLs who need an asset to show off..
i think i can Live without one. XD
>> my dad is the beSt guy in thE worLd
>> they prOmiSe that they wont Let anyonE hurt yOu
but actuaLLy, they are the onEs who end up hurting yOu thE mOst.
>> uL get addictEd to being arOund them that it seems Like you’re nothing without them arOund.
>> there’s aLways a Love triangLe or quadrangLe.
u know thE "i-Like-him-but-he-Likes-heR-who-Likes-anothEr-guy" Line?? yah!
>> at first, yOu’re faLLing in Love
in the end, yOu’LL be faLLing aPaRt.
>> then u wait fOr him coz u think ur destined tO be together .. and wait and wait and wait.
>>and u think that she’s the viLLain -remember, the girl that he Likes???-
when ur the onE acting as the crueLLa-dE-viLLe aLL aLong?
>> yOu miss him a Lot. yOu miss him tOo much..
>> besides, whats the use if hE’s not thEre tO bE uR boyfriEnd?…
~~PS: somE of these are aLso thE reason why i wanna havE a boyfriEnd… haha XD

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