schooL is cooL?

schooL is  starting soon… not just soon, actuaLLy.. its starting again on monday… sigh….
that means, i gotta start doing my homeworksss which i havent really actually touched…
it also means that life is gonna be stressful again and im gonna see those teachers and those schoolmates of mine again… arggghhh… i soo dont like my school. i dont know why…. i tried to but sometimes, it just makes me hate my world… maybe coz of the people there that i dont really get aLong with… i also dont like the system that im under… why? ill explain some other time.. im so mean..
 as of now, i got to change my mindset.. get a perspective and fix my priority and goaL…and stop being soo lazy…. :c 

One thought on “schooL is cooL?

  1. that\’s so right! school\’s coming!! it\’s gonna be a big big \’FUN\’!! I know u can do it la, and ur high energy level! haha.

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