teLL me if saying ‘goodbyE’ is not the trend anymore

sHit! sHit! sHit!


boon yaO is moving out of OH..


why is everyone leaving huh?! everybody always pass by so fast that it is not even funny anymore. sometimes, i wonder why i even make good friends with other people if we;re just gonna get separated after all?.. im the type of person who really want to touch people’s lives especially when i make friends with and in the end, letting go and saying goodbye simple sucks!! of all times ive done it, im still not good at it. in fact, i hate it!


im scared. boon yao was like the closest guy i have here and he’s gonna move out. i dont know but im concerned coz im not sure if he is the type of person who’ll actually keep in touch. will he?……….. im soooo gonna miss him, you know?. i tell him alot of my things. all his "oh-kaaay" and shrugs. his nice hair. his, erm, nice body. our talks over the phone. his jokes. his stories. his one-liners. his live for music. his love for movies. the fun facts he tells me. or the gossips.  who will i call down for breakfast, lunch, or dinner now? who will i complain to? who will give me songs for my ipod? what will happen to me and boon yao?…  :’c


the gang i had is totally separated. and even if you tell me that we see each other like once in a while, i  knoe that time will come when we wont even know each other’s names. the hostel will feel so empty and  i will feel so alone. i know this is a part and parcel of life and i am not blaming anyone. i just want to say that it sucks – a Lot!! grrr..


well, be optimistic:

dont cry because it ended; smile because it happened.


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