making a diFFeRencE

i realise one thing i like for being here in singapore: it gives me as much opportunities to help others as possible. As a scout back in the philippines, i remember giving breakfast to like 20 streetchildren as an activity. it was really tiring but i knew i blended in with them. My friends were really surprised coz i think it looked like i was always doing it. There i realise that i love reaching out to people who can accept a help or two. when, i came to singapore, doors opened to me and all i had to do was walk in to them. those are the times when my life felt meaningful and worthwhiLe. in the end of each, i always say that im gonna take a step further and i actually do. i feel so priveledge to be able to help and i think these are the greatest achivevements i have.


i have done:

            * SiLRA – a leprosy centre last year and i am doing it again this week. this year, i invite like ten plus of my friends to follow me as well.

            * SPD – the society for the physically disabled. i actually made good friends with people on whellchairs as i went to work there once a week for more than a month and my salary goes to the less fortunate ones.

            * 30 hour famine camp – its organized by world vision. some people think its just where you pay 20bucks and not eat for 30+ hours and get your cip. for me, it was a whole different thing. its about "one world. one vision." in fact, i did it twice. last year and this year. i was able to tag like more than 20 people along coz the school didnt really endorse it so, i searched the net and look for it instead and i invited my friends to come as well.

            * my friend, win and i, donated her old stuffs to the salvation army.

            * my CCA brought old people to the bird park.


For some people, they do these things for CIP hours but it was the last thing on my mind. in fact, some of the CIP hours i did from all of these were not even accredited. well, i dont care about what points i get coz in the end, i learn a lot and i feel so much better for putting even the tiniest effort and i know it was able to touch or even move someone’s life. maybe, i was not able to change a life but it made a difference, for me, for the person and to the worLd.


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