faminE camP

Famine Camp


wOohoO!! i managed to survive 30+ hours with no food when i went to the 30 Hour Famine Under No Roof Camp  by World Vision. I was a really memorabLe experience for me. It was fun and great and i knew i made a diference in that small effort. Actually, it was alreday my second time around. I also went last year and i invited a lot of my friends to come with me this year. That makes me an ambassador too right? awesome! when i think about it, if everyone who went last year did that too, there’ll be like 20times more people. and advocating that there ARE people who need our help can make a lot of difference.


The camp last year and this year had the same message but the people and the activities were different. In terms of activities, lectures, and sugar drinks, i prefer the one last year but i enjoyed the company of  my "famiLy" this year more. Everyone was really fun and interesting to be with. there were cool ones, talkative ones, wimpy ones, quiet ones, stupid ones, smart ones, and mysterious ones. We loved to be "prostitutes" just to earn money in able to build our houses- which was non-existent in the end. we played Loads of games that aLmost gave me a really painful stomach pain from laughing. we played around while the other families were "knocked out" coz of tiredness. We all experienced how hard it is to earn money, to live without food, to sleep under no roof, to be prostitutes, to build our houses, to sell our organs or child, no be bored, to have no sleep, etc.


The camp was really fun but the lesson it taught us was priceless. it made us aware that people all over the world are really dying due to hunger and poverty. Children was sold or prosituted to put food into the families mouth even once a day. a lot of people live with less than US$1 a day. goSh! we cant even buy a chicken rice with that. Children are uneducated, unfed, and homeless. However, i realise that they can get out of this shit hole if we give them a chance. if we reach out and lend them our hands, we can change thier lives. a lot of children stare into the sky everyday while waiting for someone to change their fate and, believe me, we can do that. maybe i am just a student. but i realise that that doesnt matter. no effort is too little, no help is too late. all it takes is some initiative. so, as i had promised last year to go for this year’s famine camp, i shall make a promise again this year: i will take this a step further and continue making a difference.


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