dedicated to my dad

i dont know if he’LL be abLe to read this….



happy Father’s day to all the fathers in the world!


happy fathers day to my dad. i want you to know that i love you so much. no, its not just because im a daddy’s girl but it may be because your a daughter’s dad.. >< i know we may be thousands of miles apart but ive always felt ur presence around me. i know that we have always understand each other and that is sometimes more than enough especially when we live in this crazy complicated world. as long as you inform me, its fine. i get you and i know why u do things that some people may not be able to understand. i know i can talk to u about anything and i know that occurs vice versa. ive always supported you and i feel all the support you have always been giving me.


i miss you a lot and after yearsssss of not seeing you, that is inevitable. i know that we didnt really share a lot of time and memories together but the ones we had are always the one that see me through. i remember all of them and it sometimes play over and over in my head. i miss the times when we go out, when we watch movies, when we tell people that ur just my older bro… awww.. i miss you a lot. do u know, that when i feel like giving up, the thought of YOU always picks me up. u are my inspiration and ill do anything to be with you again. i maybe unfair to my mom but well, i really want my favorite dad in the whole wide world. remeber the time when i cried to beg everyone to let me leave new york and see you again? i know i was acting like i bratty daughter, then, but i dont care. i realised that time is passing by so quickly and one day, i wont have the right to cry my way to you anymore. one day, i might not even be able to see you.


pa, always remeber that i am here for you. to love, support and to show my care and concern. i am always proud to have you as my dad, i even brag about you to my friends.

i know that you know that you have not been a perfect dad, a perfect parent. sometimes, i talk even more mature or more responsible than you. but, dont worry, coz i dont blame you for all the mistakes that u have done. in fact, i thank you for them. they were the ones that taught me life lessons. they were the best ‘wrong examples’ ever! hahaha and i love you for them. for all, the things you have done or lack thereof, i love you. ❤ ❤ ❤


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