29th may 2006

before you start readin’ i want to make one thing clear. this wrote this last may 29 but i lend my laptop to someone so i was only anle to post it todae..

i knoe it is so freakin delayed but what the heck?! haha

The past weekend went by so fast yet it feLt Like it was
lightyears Long. I was kind of trying to establish new friendships and I got to
hang with my oLd friEndz again. I got to go out and hang with my friends who
were all over the place. I have always been waiting for that day and there it
is! Too bad, coz it’s the Last time that it will happen ever again.

Yesterday, the gang – the cartel– was actually almost
complete. Boon, rio, micheal, Sebastian, win, sunarko, eveLyn and I were all
. We ate at waffLetown for “brunchd”, hanged at cine
coz no one was decisive enough to choose what movie to watch, walked aLL over town,
went window shopping, got drinks from coffee bean so that we have a
reason to take pictures somewhere, ate the complicated way [according to win]
at some Chinese restaurant, watched xmen3 where “the Last stand”
apparently still has a continuation.. haha!!

It was reaLLy fun, though. I missed it soo much. Last
year, we used to go out every saturdae night to watch any movie [no matter how
lame it is] and well, pLay pool.. then, we aLways missed curfew.. I thought the
curfew was at 1130 all along. haha!! we eat dinner together almost everynight,
we even study together sometimes. When someone is grounded [under hourly
report], we aLL stay inside the hostel and watch movie in the common room. we
taLked on the phone for hoursss at night. We always Loiter in the 2nd
fLoor Lift Lobby, knew everyone’s details, make or listen to gossips, and gave
everyone nicknames. Haha!

Seb-astard always fLir-erm-befriended all the girls. Ba’boon’
is the one who knows anything and everything about music, movies, gadgets, and
technology. Mike pooh bear always remembers everyone’s birthday. Gigolo
is the oldest among us and older brother material whose kind enough to
lend money to us. “Sessy” Tom who loves watching movie, gurls, and
sushi.. Win’s the scorpion gaL bestfriend of mine who remains strong and
doesn’t show the mountain of burden bestowed upon her. Jop was our
pretty tall [both pretty and tall] thai girl who’s kind of stupid and crazy in
love. evelyn, the cute sporty slowpoke marsian princess.. haha! guys,
I will really miss all of you.

Too bad coz we are all gonna be separated very soon. Can we
keep in touch? I don’t know… Tom, well,
left long time ago. Seb already moved out of the hostel and boon might also be
following him soon. Mike is migrating to san Francisco
and win to either Australia
or California this month.
Sunarko’s not staying here for jc. And after secondary, eve and I wont be staying
in the same hostel anymore.



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