weLL, i gueSs, sg reaLLy is my homE now…

hey hey hey!!!
i aLready recieve my entire List of resuLts today and it turns out that you’ll still see me after the june hoLidaze…
shouLd i be gLad or nOt???????
actuaLLy, i feeL that i deserve more than what i got coz i know that i put in more effort than what i have done KLast year,…. but what can i do? its fate. and, i shouLd be satisfied, at Least, ive achieved my aim… and since i did, it means that there is still more room for more commendable improvements… iLL get it, dont worry… but, how can i go overseas after O’s since im gonna have my scholarship afteraLL, huh?!!! and, i dont know…… but weLL, im gonna start pLanning my future this hoLs… and i shouLd aLso study harder and smarter…
the thing is..
i shouLd study. i couLd study. i have to study….. but i might not study.
haha 😀
anyway, tonight, i went to win’s graduation.. it was really fun.. i gOt to meet her mom and sis.. they were both really nice and cool… they even treated my to thai express after we found Out that there was no more space in jumbO at riverside pOint… it was great to meet them.. i was abLe to know win better and i am proud of that.. and i was really proud that my best friend was able to graduate!!! wOoHoO!!! finaLLy, yah?….. go, girL!!! i ❤ u
im so tired. nighty night to the reSt of the worLd. ^^,

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