time>>waLks sOoO sLow yet, runs sOoO FaSt



Since the Last time I wrote here was a month ago, it means that i have to make an ultimate major update about my lost lifetime to no one in particular. Since, then, a lot of things have aLready occurred but I had to hibernate due to my midyears…



3rd april – physical fitness test.. i feel so accomplish coz I was actually able to do 37sit-ups in a minute compared to last year when I’d almost die to make 20. I was aiming to get at least C for everything. However, because of my stupid standing broad jump, (which I cant reaLLy blame myself coz I onLy Learned how to do it properly the night before) the highest I can get is a silver… grrrr


>>  if I am not mistaken, this was the moment in my life when I was preferring to go out alone. Imagine me. Anti-social. Loner. Surprising..? Gad! No, I think it juz me being an emo.. hahah!!! Anyway, I became more religious and I went for mass regardless if I have someone to accompany me or not. Then, id enjoy going to the national library or KAP to study. I don’t know but I felt self-conscious of what people I know might say on what I am doing so I’d simply avoid them.. and I don’t believe it but I had fun coz I felt like I have a space of my own.


10th aprilinternational friendship day… we were supposed to perform but because of 1) lack of preparation and 2) technical problems, we didn’t.. so, well…. “I thank you, bow.”


15th april – my 2.4 km run!! After running almost every morning for a couple of weeks, I improved from last year’s 15:59-minute timing to this year’s 13:30!!! woohOO!! I rest my case. Guess what, I’m so used to eat that when I ceased running around the track every morning before class the week after that, I always feel sleepy in class.


18th april – it was our English prelims orals… I cant believe that 20% of my prelim grade for English is already there. I hope, I did fine for it. On my opinion, I did better for my picture discussion than expected. However, I screwed my oral discussion as I feel like it is way worse than how I usually do. >sigh<


22nd april – watched fritzie in VJC’s dance concert. It was a surprise for my best friend coz no one went for it and I felt sorry for her… thus, being me, well, I surprised here.. totally coz I also wore some bohemian looking attire [cool.. no! actually, sweeeet…]. Wayne was there too… it was quite good. And I really enjoyed watching it.. thumb’s up!!!


25th aprilEnglish midyear exams are finally over… mrs low, who I really respect and look up to, was really pressuring us to do the best we can for this because my class is underperforming… well, honestly, I did the best I can for it… surprisingly, I even practiced (something, I normally wouldn’t do) so if it is still not good enough, im simply not good enough…


3rd may – and my execution begins.. er, I mean, my midyears… as time goes by, my concentration and determination was also declining at an increasing rate… so, I guess let’s wait for my results that’s gonna come out by the end of this week. Mind you, the results I get for this exam will determine if iLL still have my scholarship on the second half of the year… it was really stressful and I honestly worked a lot more than I usually do.. now, I can only say “que sera sera.”


6th may – although it is still the middle of the exams, the antisocial and nerdy yza is fast fading away.. ive been hanging out with my friends a lot recently and also on the days to come… I miss it sooo much that I almost forget how fun it was to simply have laugh out loud in the company of my friends.. J


10th may – wooho!!! Midyears are finally over!!!!!!!!!!! I cant believe im still alive…. Now, it is time to sit back, relax and have fun.. I need to enjoy and celebrate as much as possible before I receive my results, damn…. I helped Stephanie clean her (erm, was-trash-looking) room.. haha! then, I went out with evelyn and boon yao to watch >tada!< MI3… egads!! The entire week, everyone was telling me that tom cruise is gonna die juz to find out that he doesn’t.. I was screaming inside the new cathay cinema like crazy, then, suddenly, tom cruise lived again.. grr… then, I lost 50bucks [which I aint paying] on a bet that bus190 will not pass through balmoral.. well, now I know that it wont go to ‘balmoral’ plaza but it will definitely go to ‘balmoral’ road… I didn’t hear the end of it, okei?


11th mayhappy happy birthdae my French fries tiffany!!!! Talked to her on an international call for an hour.. damn!! I cleaned our entire room.. my closet + vacuum + mop and the works.. on my own, okei?!! Im sooo proud.. and it was sooo fun… haha!!! I even wiped the windows.. but too bad, it rained that same afternoon. then, it was our kikay outing… yippee!! Ultimate bonding time with my girlfriends.. totally, ultimately fun fun fun all the way until 3am…. Nice!!


12th may – continuation of kikay outing… then, I hanged out with my friends at serene centre’s mcdonalds after dinner.. [how weird?! Haha] I definitely enjoyed and it was certainly unforgettable…. We even walked/run back all the way from there to OH like less than 30 minutes before curfew.. yah!! Crazy.. haha!!!


13th may – I finished the entire season2 of one tree hill in one day…. Whew!! Talked about being bored…… haha!!! imagine it was a saturdae night right after my exams and I was rotting in my room… so- not-an-yza-thing!! Hmm win actually invited me to go clubbing.. but, I don’t know, I declined.. haha!!!!


14th may happy mother’s day to all the mom’s put there!!!!!! I went shopping.. haha J


15th mayRio’s here!!!! Now, this was something in really miss… this day, I hanged out with my good ol’ gang!!! Subway and major shopping… woohoo!!.. picture takings, video-makings, talking, chatting, hanging out, sushi-ing, funfunfun!!! Boonyao and darryl bet on who can eat more sushi during their buffet in addition to their udons.. haha!!! evelyn, job, mark, win, boon yao, darryl, and of course, rio….!!!! I miss this guys,.. its soo fun to hang with them. J  hope it will happen again.


16th maymy worst day this entire year…. Grrr!!!!! Shud I even talk about why I was late or how I stupid I was to get lost from my school to win’s place or how I wasted my money on cab or how I wasted my entire school day doing nothing. Damn it!!!! But I ❤ the bracelet win did and gave me today…. I shall cherish it.. haha!



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