if thE pain dOesnt kiLL you, it wiLL strengthen yOu.
im sO tiRed but i cant stOp, i dont want to stOp
im so stressEd but this is nOt enOuGh, i nEEd sOme mOre
onLy LittLe is Left in mE yet i stiLL want to prOvE thEm wrOng
but sHouLd i just kEEp the LittLe that’s Left in me
 sincE i might LosE it aLL yEt wiLL stiLL neVeR be gOOd enOuGh.

One thought on “ugh.

  1. wonderful meaning but seems to make me confuse abit of the words
    which like a tonque twister .. anyway.. like you know! good is not enough
     so like try your best to that poin! not that far!!
     you will reach their one day!!

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