~sHoOtinG staR~

>>have you ever seEn a shOoting Star?
>>do u beLievE in shOotinG staRs??
weLL, you shOuLd… and i’m spEakinG frOm expeRiencE!!!
onE night, i wantEd tO feeL Like a LoneR and thinK abOut thingS so, i want tO thE hOsteL’s pLaygrOund and Lied dOwn on thE sLidE… aS i waS staRing ontO the Sky, i reaLiSed that it waS cLear and cLoudLess nigHt fuLL of bright distant yet beutifuLLy sHininG StarZ.. twink. twink. 
suddenLy, i saw a sHoOting staR. it was smaLL and faSt Like a buLLet fiRed into the sKy. it was thE firSt time foR me tO sEe a reaL, truE, Live, faLing, shOoting, wiShinG staR…. i was ecstatic, mesmeRiZed, anD amaZed aLL at the saMe timE… 😀 thus, i made a wish-a-wish-a-wish-a-wish-wish-wish!!
befOre i went to bed, i though of my wiSh. i fELt reaLLy stupid and dumB tO wiSh fOr a riducuLouS nonsEnse  i knew wOuLd never cOme trUe.. i feLt Like i wasted my pReciOus star><
[yah, this is the seLdom goOd "but’S that eveR happenS tO me… and fOr thE firSt time, im gLad there’s a "but"…]
gueSS wHat?!
my wiSh caMe trUE!!!
i waS finaLLy abLe to sPend timE with this guy that is quitE speCiaL fOr me..
at firSt i reaLLy hesitated tO gO out that nigHt. i didnt exactLy pLan to gO Out with him.. but whO knEw abOut the LittLe surpriSes Life has in stOre fOr us??
i know i dOnt matter that much tO him and the time we spent that night wasnt reaLLy Long..
itS what i caLL "quaLity timE" especiaLL sinCe we dont reaLLy hang recentLy anymOrE!!
but fOr me, it waS trUe!! it waS reaL!!
it was not juSt another dreaM.
mY dReam camE truE!!
…Like maGic
thanks to my shOOting staR (^^,)
PS: i thinK i want tO staY uP aLL nigHt waitinG fOr anOtheR onE again… @->–

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