aftEr the fun, therE’s the goOdbyE’s…

im such a waste.


I just want to be accepted.


I just try to be someone anyone would like but it is never enough. Whenever I feel LikE i am finally working something out, I aLways realize that I am not. Everything about me is wrong. Nothing is ever right. I aLwayS end up being down and the worst part is, no one is there to catch me, nevertheless, bRing mE up again.


Everyone has Left me.. behind.




i am too cLingy.

i am a LittLe tOo toucHy feeLy.

i am too sweet.

i am too emotionaL.

i think too much.

i expect too much.


Perhaps, too perfect..

eithEr u or me.


Or maybe i am just evErything –

evErything yOu  don’t want.


I can wAit nO morE.

I have done enOugh waiting.

And now, i realized that if I am not good enough now,

Then i wiLL never be.



And i miGht as weLL forgEt yOu.

ForgEt the thing that has endEd before it even bEgun.




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