fadinG.. forgottEn..

fading.. forgetting..

you know what i hate the most?

it’s the people who have always said that

they’ll always be around for you

but they never are

they have never been

it’s like after you have invested everything into a particular bank

you’ll find out that it’s a fraud

and suddenly,

that’s it..

more than disappointment,

anger and regret fills the tank up..

and confronting him will be of no use..

it doesn’t change a thing…

for one, he’s of no use..

secondly, he doesn’t change!

no one cares

there’s no more point

climbing up the wall

to the dead end road..

that’s it!

you’re a helpless bankrupt

a hopeless person..

……and that’s the end.



actuaLLy, i juz copiEd this frOm my oLd bLog.. but i Like it so much so, here it is again…- 


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